Welcome to Ninja Shōsetsu, a new Naruto RP set in its own original universe. While we do keep the world itself, as to how it came to be, the history of everything, and the journies that lie ahead are different but similar enough to maintain a lore-friendly atmosphere that anyone can join in on. This works chiefly through the fact there are no canon characters, but key things like the warring states period and more importantly hidden villages would eventually form regardless.

N.S operates primarily from imvu and serves the roleplay group as a platform to host information and sometimes events depending upon the situation.

Ninja Shōsetsu is set a decade after the First Shinobi World War, in Konoha where most people have resumed their normal lives. Ever since the war, the economy has been on a steady decline from the wounds every nation suffered over the war. Leading the shinobi world, currently, is the Land of Fire with its rich and fertile farmlands and vast forests. While some alliances have blossomed, there are creeping hostilities from foreign nations as greedy, ghoulish eyes are set upon these vibrant lands. How long can peace last before avarice takes hold, what future lies ahead for this new generation of shinobi?

If you need help navigating the wiki or have any questions, feel free to ask Shōsetsu's leader Yoshitora.

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